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Linguist of the Quarter

LINGUIST OF THE QUARTERQuarter 1 2021 Meet bob Bob TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR A journey that began in Centreville, Virginia and continues today in Greenville, South

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Planet Word

Planet Word: Spelling Love with Language and Culture Planet Word is a museum located in the historic Franklin School of Washington D.C. It is a museum dedicated to making learning fun for every age. It provides a deeper understanding of words and languages and an appreciation for cultural diversity. Ann B. Friedman is the founder

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Google Translation is an Epic Fail

google translation is an epic fail This past year left most of us anxious and questioning: “What next?” In these uncertain times, we need solid, dependable answers. What we don’t need is yet another thing going south. Americans and people around the world have been searching the Internet for answers to their questions about coronavirus

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Linguist Matt

LINGUIST OF THE QUARTER Meet matt Matt TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR “Look it up.” This was a common response from young Matt’s librarian mom in response

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HAPPY 2021

GLS would like to wish you and your families a lovely holiday season and happy 2021!

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Linguist Carla

LINGUIST OF THE QUARTER Meet CARLA Carla TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR Carla was born in Lima, Peru and emigrated to Pittsburg, PA, with her family when

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