Benefits of Being Bilingual

Benefits of Being Bilingual There are proven benefits to being bilingual There are proven benefits to being bilingual, including the potential to earn more money at work. A few benefits of being fluent in more than one language include the following: Improves mental capacity Slows down cognitive decline Increases job potential and earnings Gives you

Language Skills and International Business

Language Skills Language Skills Critical to International Business While English remains the language primarily recognized in international business,companies increasingly require employees with bilingual skills to effectively conduct business on a global scale. Consistent with a Forbes article later referenced within the New American Economy, American companies lose almost $2 billion a year due to language

Human Over Machine

Humans over machines Top Three Reasons to Choose Human Over Machine Document Translation Services Today, most people want instant gratification, but as the saying goes: “Good things come to those who wait.” Human, or manual, translation does have a price and requires time. However, accurate communication is imperative. Translation is needed by individuals for anything

GLS loves dogs!

GLS Loves dogs! At GLS, we love language, and we love our dogs! Happy National Dog Day from GLS!

GLS Responds to COVID-19

GLS Responds to COVID-19 We’re still here… In mid-March of this year, GLS quickly adapted our business model and policies to the rapidly changing and challenging environment caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. GLS takes the health and personal wellbeing of our employees and consultants seriously. As part of our efforts, GLS is following the

GLS Intro

GLS Intro

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